My first application…

So, it’s been a while since my first post but I’m back with a little story about my first application.

While preparing for my final set of exams of undergrad, I received an email about a very interesting post available as a PhD scheme. It was based in parasitology and sounded like something I’d really enjoy. With encouragement from my family I decided to apply and was thrilled when I received an invitation for an informal interview. After learning more about the position I started to get really excited about the prospect of the research. Later that day I got invited to a second formal interview with both supervisors present. During this meeting we began discussing my interest in the project, the experience I have and future plans. Both the supervisors were extremely nice and very encouraging while being completely honest about the requirements of a PhD. At the end of the meeting it was made clear that we were a good fit and I was offered the position- with the condition of my pass rate (and if the university accepted the proposal).

After a few weeks of waiting I received an email stating that the university would not be able to fund the project. Understandably I was pretty upset about this. The supervisors informed me that if I could find funding it may still be an option, or alternatively I could continue my education via an MSc. They encouraged me to pursue research and to further my education, for which I am grateful.

Though initially I was disheartened when receiving the news, when I looked back at things a few days later with more of a clear head, I saw things I didn’t before. The encouragement from the supervisors – this was so beneficial for my confidence that I do (hopefully) have the ability to work in a research lab or institution. When the option of doing this project was essentially taken away, it made me even more sure that research and gaining further education is something I really want to (even if it means doing a PhD later on in life, rather than right now).

I see this particular process as a success and failure – both of which have helped me to keep putting myself out there for different opportunities.

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H 🌸

The First Post

Finishing university and taking the next steps for your future can be tough, scary, exciting and so stressful. When you finish your final year after the deadlines and exams there’s an immediate sense of relief, and internal (and external) exclamation of “YAAAAYYYYYYYYY” and then it sets in. The realisation that you may have to transition into an actual real life adult. People around you expect a “plan of action” or sometimes even one set in stone. What it if you don’t? What if everything is up the air and you don’t have all the answers? With this blog I hope document my journey after university- the ideas, processes, ups and downs and just life in general (the day to day, not so scientific side to it).

University : I studied Biomedical Sciences with a year out on Placement in a hospital Pathology department and I’ve loved all four years of my degree – was never too keen on exams. Though it had tough moments, learning about various processes within humans and the evolution of medical research made me sure I was on the right path. I decided along the way that I want to have a research based career (for now anyway) instead of pursuing a “typical” biomedical scientist career route. Buuuttttttt….that’s about it for my “plan of action”. There’s options out there, I just have no idea which is best or where to go 😩 so why not write about the journey ahead.

I hope everyone enjoys reading it 🌸.

Warning: I’m not a writer or English student. I’m a scientist and still getting my head around blogging. Please be kind and any pointers or questions are most welcome 😊.

So, I think that’s it for the first post 🌸.

Peace and love ✌🏽️,